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Destination from Sofia
8+1 pax 6+1 pax 4+1 pax

Airport - Sofia €29 €25 €20
Sofia - Plovdiv €131 €89 €79
Sofia - Varna €393 €195 €175
Sofia - Bourgas €381 €190 €170
Sofia - Borovets €95 €69 €55
Sofia - Bansko €169 €98 €89

Sofia - Pamporovo €175 €135 €115
Sofia - Rila Monastery €109 €89 €69




for rental of a Motor Vehicle

Today, the city of Sofia, was concluded the present Contract for rental of Motor Vehicle, between:

1. ........................................................ Identity Card No. ......................

BULSTAT ..............................., hereunder referred to as the RENTER, forming one party, and

2. Puldin Rent A Car-2000 Ltd., Tax No. 4160000827, BULSTAT 115858301, represented by the MANAGER Ivaylo Petrov Milev, Personal ID No. 6904294669, hereunder referred to as the LESSOR, forming the other party, the aforementioned persons stated, that they agree to the following:


Article 1. The Lessor rents to the Renter their Motor Vehicle,

Reg. No. ...................., chassis .......................................................

Brand/model .................................................................................

Article 2. The Renter is obliged to use the rented Motor Vehicle in accordance with its purpose and with the care of a conscious owner.


Article 3. The present Contract is concluded for the period of ...................., reckoned as of .............. . The Contract period begins from ............ until ........... and could be extended only by means of a written annex between the parties or with the conclusion of a new rental contract.

Article 4. The minimum period for renting a Motor Vehicle is 24 hours.

Article 5. In case the Renter can not keep the period for returning the Motor Vehicle to the Lessor, he is obliged to inform the Lessor at least 24 hours before the Contract Period runs out. The Renter may continue to use the Motor Vehicle, only in case of obtaining an explicit permission from the Lessor.

Article 6. In case the Renter fails to fulfill the requirement to return the Motor Vehicle within the period, specified in the Contract, and continue to use it without the permission of the Lessor, he bears full criminal and material liability for appropriation of the Motor Vehicle.

Article 7. For each additional day, the Renter shall pay the respective rent, according to the Contract, concluded at the rental of the Motor Vehicle.

Article 8. In case the Renter fail to fulfill the requirement to return the rented Motor Vehicle for more than two hours after the agreed period runs out without informing the Lessor, the Motor Vehicle shall be considered appropriated and the Lessor shall inform the competent authorities, as he retains all the rights related to the present Contract.

Article 9. In case the Motor Vehicle is returned with a delay of more than 2 /two/ hours, an additional rental day shall be charged.

Article 10. In case of termination of the present Contract before the Contract Period expires, the regulations of Section VII of the present Contract shall be implemented.


Article 11. The parties agree that the rental price shall amount to......................BGN (in words)...........................................................

Article 12. The agreed rental price shall not be a subject to change due to inflation or the exchange rate, throughout the whole Contract Period, unless written annex is concluded between the parties.

Article 13. The rental price of the Motor Vehicle includes: unlimited mileage, Motor Vehicle liability insurance; insurance of the Motor Vehicle against all kinds of risks; road tax, vignette.

Article 14. The Lessor owes the Renter a deposit for the use of the Motor Vehicle, amounting to..............BGN, which is refundable after the termination of the present Contract.

Article 15. The rental price of the Motor Vehicle and the deposit are due paid at the conclusion of the Contract and the acceptance-delivery protocol, which is an inseparable part of the Contract for the rent of the Motor Vehicle. In the cases, when the Renter decides to return the rented Motor Vehicle earlier than the date, specified in the Contract, they should inform the Lessor at least 5 hours before the return, and to receive 30 % of the daily rent for the remaining unused days, specified in the Contract. When this agreement is not kept, the Lessor retains the right to keep the whole amount for the unused day, specified in the Contract.

Article 16. During June, July and August, the money for the unused days specified in the Contract, shall be refunded at 50 % of the amount.

Article 17. The rental price of the Motor Vehicle does not include fuel. The latter is accepted and delivered with full tank. Should the Renter return the Motor Vehicle with its tank not being full, he shall be obliged to pay for the fuel necessary to fill the tank, calculated at 1.20 EUR per liter + 10 EUR default.

Article 18. In the cases, when a client wants to re-rent a Motor Vehicle for traveling abroad, they should make a reservation in advance and to acquaint themselves with the terms for traveling abroad, specified in an additional annex.

Article 19. The monthly rent shall be paid on every first day of the month at the address of the Lessor.


Article 20. Should the Motor Vehicle be returned with missing fuel, losses or small damages, caused by the Renter, their value shall be deducted from the deposit.

Article 21. In case any kind of road accident occurs, whether or not caused by the Renter, he is obliged to wait for the authorities and to obtain from them a protocol for the accident. In case the Renter proven to be guilty for the accident, the latter is obliged to pay the equivalent of the daily rent of the Motor Vehicle for each day of the period, during which the Motor Vehicle is in service station and is actually unusable, and also to pay for all the indirect expenses, resulting from the said accident. In case of a road accident, or any other accident, the Renter should immediately inform the Lessor.

Article 22. Should the Renter lose documents and/or keys, panel of the rented Motor Vehicle, they are obliged to pay all the consequent expenses that may result from this.

Article 23. In case the rented Motor Vehicle is stolen, and its documents and/or keys are not with the Renter, the latter bears full financial liability for the Motor Vehicle.

Article 24. In case of necessity for the rented Motor Vehicle to be replaced by fault of the Renter, the latter owes the Lessor the transportation expenses of both the replaceable and the replaced Motor Vehicles.

Article 25. In case of necessity for the Motor Vehicle to be replaced, which is not a result form the Renter's negligent behavior, the elimination of the damage is conducted by and on the account of the Lessor. The Lessor is obliged to replace/repair the damaged Motor Vehicle within two working days, and automatically extend the period of use with the number of the days unused due to the damage.

Article 26. The insurance DOES NOT cover the damages in the following cases:

* There are damages in the tires, the wheel rims, the hubcaps, the wipers and the driving system of the Motor Vehicle.
* There are damages on the engine, which are not a result from the natural amortization, and are caused by negligence or intentional actions. The engine overheating is estimated to 1200 - 3500 EUR, depending on the Motor Vehicle.
* There are damages, result of driving after the use of alcohol and/or drugs.
* There are damages, result of driving outside of the road surface/marking.
* In case the rented Motor Vehicle is stolen and the documents and/or keys are not presented to the Lessor, the Renter is obliged to pay the value of the Motor Vehicle at the market price.

In case of estimated damages of the listed-above types, the Renter shall pay their full market values.


Article 27. The Renter must beat least 23 years old and must hold valid personal documents: ID card/ passport and driving license.

Article 28. The Renter is not allowed to use the Motor Vehicle for races, coaching, training, to toe a trailer and to transport bulky loads without the explicit permission of the Lessor.

Article 29. The Renter is obliged to monitor the level of the oil and the coolant before and during the driving.

Article 30. The Renter is not allowed to drive the Motor Vehicle drunk and after the use of intoxicating and narcotic medicines.

Article 31. The Renter is not allowed to remise the Motor Vehicle to third persons or to use it for traveling abroad, unless the Lessor has preliminary issued a letter of authorization.

Article 32. The Renter is liable for all the damages caused to the rented or other Motor Vehicles, in case they have violated the terms of rental of the Motor Vehicle or have driven it in violation to the legal procedures of the country they are driving in.


Article 33. Additional equipment is offered: kids chair - 10 EUR, roof racks for ski - 10 EUR, snow chains - 10 EUR, GPS navigation - 15 EUR.

Article 34. Free delivery offered between 9.00 and 18.00 every working day /Monday to Friday/ within the city area.

Article 35. Upon delivery or collection of the Motor Vehicle after the working time /19.00-8.00 every day, Saturday and Sunday/ from address appointed by the client, the calculations are as follows:

* Within the city area - 15 EUR
* Outside the city area - upon preliminary agreement

Article .36 Hiring of a driver within the territory of the country: up to 6 hours- 20 EUR, whole day /up to 8 hours driving/ - 25 EUR + the expenses.

The price does not include 20 % VAT.


Article 37. The Renter is not allowed to remise the Motor Vehicle to third persons without the consent of the Lessor.

Article 38. The Contract could be terminated with the written consent of both parties.

Article 39. In case either of the parties fails to fulfill their responsibilities, the Contract shall be terminated by means of a written notification send by the innocent party to guilty party at the address stated by it, in such case the wrong party owes to the right party the whole amount of the caused damages, but not more than the value of the rent for six months.

Article 40. All the disputes that may arise between the parties shall be settled in the spirit of understanding and loyalty, and should this be impossible, by the legal authorities.

Article 41. When signing the present Contract, the Renter must be aware, that their personal details could be used for bearing criminal and legal liability.

The failing to read and accept or the loss of the Contract and the terms for the rental of the Motor Vehicle, or the acceptance-delivery protocol, shall not release the Renter from liability, which liability they confirm by signing at least one of documents.

The present Contract was concluded in two identical copies, one for each party.

LESSOR......................... RENTER..........................

/I. Milev/ /...................../