Discover the Balkans for yourself during this exciting adventure tour where you can discover the diversity of the Balkans from bustling cities packed with history to sun-drenched islands fringed by white sand beaches and turquoise seas. Balkans Adventure Tour to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia


Cooking traditions in Bulgaria are strong and are kept alive for many years by passing recipes from grandparents to parents to children to grandchildren.


7-days walking & study tour on the volcanic land of Petrich valley, Bulgaria


7 days of horse ride through the glades of Rila, covered with a tufted rug of grass and flowers. An adventure through the forests of the majestic mountains resounded by the most marvelous feathered singers. The air revels like mead and the silence possesses you.


Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia...Beyond the well-trodden tourist trail, Eastern Europe has plenty to offer travelers in search of adventure.


For most hunters the word “safari” means hunting in Africa, but there are a lot of other destinations around the world in all the continents, that can be of interest for every hunter.