Rila Legends


7 days of horse ride through the glades of Rila, covered with a tufted rug of grass and flowers. An adventure through the forests of the majestic mountains resounded by the most marvelous feathered singers. The air revels like mead and the silence possesses you.

Route Advantages:

  • Visits of nature phenomenons
  • Lodging in a 3* hotel in Sapareva Banya for two nights, 4 sleepovers in tents at previously selected refuges, 1 sleepover at the Ivan Vazov hut
  • Contact with the local inhabitants
  • A great diversity of sceneries
  • Acquaintance with the Bulgarian spirit and traditions

About the Horses:
The horses are friendly and well trained. Their height is between 1.50 and 1.60 m.
Required experience - it is necessary that the rider feels stable on the horseback and to control and lead it on a rugged terrain.


Sofia - the City of Sapareva Banya - Ovcharchensky refuge - The Seven Rila Lakes - Kabul Peak - the peaks Big and Little Kalin - hut Ivan Vazov - The Urdin lakes - City of Sapareva Banya - Sofia.

Day 1:
Sofia - the City of Sapareva Banya
Arrival in Sapareva Banya. The city is situated 75 km from Sofia. The only geyser in Continental Europe is to be found in Sapareva Banya. Its temperature is 103℃. You will have enough free time to visit the medieval church St. Nikola, the Renaissance church St. George, and the church St. Forty Martyrs. Lodging at a family hotel situated at the highest point of the city. Introducing the horse keepers. Option for SPA procedures. Sleepover.

Day 2:
City of Sapareva Banya - Ovcharchensky waterfalls - Ovcharchensky refuge, 5-6 hour on horseback
After breakfast, we amount the horses and head for the Goritsa Waterfalls - one of the seven Ovcharchensky Waterfalls. The Ovcharchensky Waterfalls are quite near the village of Ovchartsy. Goritsa is 40 meters high. After the lunch break we continue the ride to the Ovcharchensky refuge (1700 m above sea level), where we will set our tent camp. We will prepare a delicious dinner and will enjoy the nature wanders in the vicinity of the cozy camp fire.

Day 3:
Ovcharchensky refuge - The Seven Rila Lakes - Kabul Peak, 4-5 hours on a horseback
Today's ride starts with a beautiful sceneries which appear before us as we pass through the pan leading to the Seven Rila Lakes, in order to enter ancient pine-tree forests. The lunch break will be on a ridge, from which is revealed the majestic scenery of the lakes. After lunch we will continue on to Kabul Peak in expectation for meetings with wild animals. After the full of emotions day, we will relax by the fire in the outskirts of Kabul peak, where we will settle our camp for the night (2100 m above sea level).

Day 4:
Kabul Peak - the peaks Big and Little Kalin - h. Ivan Vazov, 4 hours on a horseback
This day will lead us to the karsts peaks of Big and little Kalin, and the green meadows around the hut Ivan Vazov. There we will dip into the authentic atmosphere of Rila mountain. lodging and sleepover in Ivan Vazov hut. The hut "Ivan Vazov" is a mountain hostel, it is situated in the area of Golyamo Pazardere at 2300 m above sea level at the left bank of the river Bistritsa.

Day 5:
hut Ivan Vazov - The Urdin lakes, 5-6 hours on horseback
After breakfast - a ride through the virgin forests of Rila. On this day, we offer you fishing along the beautiful syncline of the Urdina River. The river drains the vast terraced Urdin Circus, surrounded by the peaks of Malyovitsa, Dodov peak, Vazov Peak and part of the ridge of Zeleny Ridge. The initial river streams flow from the six constant Urdin Lakes. We offer you the opportunity to fish in one of the vastest and spectacular circuses in Rila - the Urdin Circus. At the western part of the circus are situated in tiers the little but spectacular Urdin lakes.
At dusk we settle our camp at the rippling streams of Urdin River. Dinner will be fresh fish. Sleepover.

Day 6:
The Urdin Lakes - Sapareva Banya
After breakfast we descend via a beautiful path which leads us to Sapareva Banya. Lodging at a family hotel. Option for SPA procedures. Free time. Sleepover.

Day 7:
Sapareva Banya - Sofia
After breakfast - farewell to the horse keepers. Departure from Sapareva Banya.

Notice - Variations in the daily riding routes are possible owing to circumstances beyond the company control like fallen trees, landslides, landslips caused by torrential rains, fenced areas and similar unexpected obstacles along the way.

Additional Information:
The horses are steady and robust to mountain rough terrain, they are bold and they easily overcome the natural obstacles of the road (rivers, small gullies, fallen trees). They are not afraid of motor vehicles and move calmly in crowded settlements and roads.
Rider engagements - the rider is expected to take care of the horse like cleaning and saddling it before departure, as well as unsaddling it during breaks and at the end of the day. This, of course, will take place under the control and the assistance of the guides.

Number of riding days - 5 days

Riding hours daily - 5-6 hours

Route Characteristics:
Terrain - Rugged mountain terrain with climbing and descending slopes. There are also flat sections with soft roads suitable for faster ride. Crossing natural obstacles, rivers, gullies, hollows and fallen trees.

What you have to carry with you:

  • Clothes according to the season and the weather report.
  • Double your clothes in case you get wet.
  • shoes 2 pairs
  • a hat for cold weather
  • a shading hat
  • sunscreen lotion
  • sun glasses
  • a jacket against rain and wind
  • a camera
  • knife (Switzerland type)
  • flashlight
  • sleeping bag
from May until November

The Price Includes:

Riders escort:

  • 2 professional guides for a group of 14 riders (a English speaking guide)


  • Transfer (from Sofia to the initial point of the tour in Sapareva Banya and back), a Minibus for 14 passengers


  • 2 nights in rooms for two in a 3* family hotel in Sapareva Banya,
  • 3 nights in a tent camp, 1 night in hut Ivan Vazov.


  • Full Board and lodging from the night of Day 1 until breakfast on Day 7 (lunch during the ride is in the form of a picnic - vegetables, warm soup, barbecue, fruits)
  • Drinks - mineral water and milk included

The provisions during the tour will be environmentally clean products of a proven origin: milk, white cheese, cheese, meat, etc.


  • Collective medicine chest
  • Saddlebags for the horses
  • camping equipment
  • tents - for two
  • blankets and other useful camping equipment

The Price Does not Include:

  • Alcohol drinks
  • Lunch for Day 1 and Day 7
  • Fee charges for museums and other ethnographic, historical and natural landmarks
  • Tips

Additional payment for single lodging - 95 Euro per person
The indicated prices are valid for a group of minimum 14 persons!