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7-days walking & study tour on the volcanic land of Petrich valley, Bulgaria


Book Your Hotel in Sofia and get the airport - hotel transfer FOR FREE! Book a city tour and get a FREE return transfer as well. Just write to us on INFO@ETNATOUR.BG

Sea kayaking on the northern or southern part of the coast of Bulgaria...


For most hunters the word “safari” means hunting in Africa, but there are a lot of other destinations around the world in all the continents, that can be of interest for every hunter.


WEEKLY PAKAGE - 7 days 6 nights! Gokceada island, Aegean Sea, Turkey - Great winds and water conditions.


The AFF training means Accelerated Free - Fall training. It is the best and the fastest way to start real skydiving.


We will lead you on the road of the Thracians, famous wine growing masters. Will show the vessels in which they made the wine and the vessels from which they drank the divine drink.


Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia...Beyond the well-trodden tourist trail, Eastern Europe has plenty to offer travelers in search of adventure.


With this tour, you are offered the unforgettable experience of getting familiar with Bulgariaʹs rich cultural heritage


15 days, 14 nights! The best period 30 May – 30 October...