ETNA TOUR is one of the BEST travel agencies in Sofia, Bulgaria. We pride ourselves on innovation and high flexibility, and offer a full range of travel services from transfers, tour guides, through to specialised tours for groups, business traveler and individuals.
Our staff knows what guests are looking for when they book a holiday and are aware of their special requirements. In addition our professionals possess an extensive product knowledge and know which packages can be marketed successfully.
Our aim is simple: to give the people, that have been traveling with us, the feeling of wanting to come back, on another tour with ETNA TOUR. In order to do so, we offer you professional, personalized first-class service to provide you the best possible adventure&volcano experience:

  • small to extremely small groups or individuals
  • first-hand knowledge and accurate information from competent guides
  • flexible tour programs
  • exclusive off-the-beaten-track programs
  • safety
  • enviromental responsability
  • last but not least, the local flavor of each tour


A picturesque small country called Bulgaria has existed for more than 13 centuries in Europe, linking East and West. Bulgaria remembers ancient civilisations and great people that wrote its turbulent history. Situated in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.
The Bulgarian lands have rich and most diverse cultural heritage. Inhabited since prehistoric times, they keep lasting traces from different ages with rich traditions. Their location on a crossroads explains the intertwining, mixing, the mutual influences of the culture, mores, and religions of tribes and peoples, having lived and crisscrossed the region. Getting in touch with the thousands of cultural messages, bequeathed to us by those living before us is very exciting indeed. Invaluable is the cultural and historical heritage of ancient Thracians, Greeks, Romans, of generations of Bulgarians leaving through their achievements intriguing and useful information about their lifestyle, traditions and their spiritual enlightenment.