KITESURF Gokceada island


WEEKLY PAKAGE - 7 days 6 nights! Gokceada island, Aegean Sea, Turkey - Great winds and water conditions.

We are located at Gokceada island, Aegean Sea, Turkey. The location offers great winds and water conditions.
The wind is North-East. This is the same well known Meltemi which works in all the islands in the Aegean. The wind in Gokceada is accelerated by thermal and venturi effects. During the summer there is constant wind 20 - 24 knots in the morning, which slowly falls to 6-12 knots in the afternoon. Fronts come with strong winds around 28-35 knots or stronger. South and West winds are rare.

  • There are 2 main spots - with flat water (off shore wind) and spot with waves up to 1-2 meters (on shore, side on shore). Between the 2 bays there is a shallow lagoon, sometimes it almost dries in the summer.
  • Active season - from mid May till end of September.
  • flat water (offshore) - it is miror flat spot, which offers perfect conditions for advancing in freestyle and race every morning, and for beginners in the afternoon when the wind falls. The sea bed is sandy and safety. The center is equiped with a boat for assistance.
  • wave spot (on shore/ side on shore ) - great jumping conditions for wave riders at all levels. Big bay with sandy bed, safe for the riders and the gear.
  • the salt lake is a good alterantive in spring, when the water in the sea is cold.
  • other spots - trips could be arranged upon request.

WEEKLY PAKAGE - 7 days 6 nights

Accomodation in 3* hotel, Wi-fi, breakfast, diner 7 evenings (traditional turkish food), beginners windsurf cours or renatal beginners equipment 1 week (x2 hours daily), resque boat.

30 EUR

  • Transfer from Canakkale airport - 20 EUR/person
  • Transfer from Cannakale port, Ecaeabat port - 15 EUR
  • Transfer from Gokceada posrt - 10 EUR
  • Transfer to center Gokceada - 5 EUR
from mid May till end of September

BEGINNERS COURSE - 275 EUR, 8 to 12 hours - Includes meteorological brief, ground control - rigging, line management, flying techniques, safety water - body drags, water starts with board, basic riding and self-rescue.

INTERMEDIATE COURSE will strengthen basic knowledge and skills - with long courses down and upwind, transitions, carving turns and jumps.

To join the ADVANCED COURSE you should able to ride down- and upwind, doing jumps and land some basic tricks. During the course will practice more complex movements.

Single lessons - 35 EUR per hour.

During all levels you will learn useful information related to equipment, safety and ethics in the water and on the beach.
The price includes all the necessary equipment.