Tandem Paragliding Flight in Bulgaria


Join us to see the world from а bird’s eye! Together we can make an aerial trip.

Paragliding in the sky is the easiest way to feel the pleasure of flying. Our main requirement is your will- where there is a will, there is our way! Ensure you are dressed according to the weather conditions and be sure to be wearing comfortable shoes. The rest is left to us.

Powered paragliding trike flight

If the heights are proving to be more than just a challenge for you then a flight in our trike is your better choice. Seat yourself in comfortably in the trike, in front of the pilot, relax and enjoy your walk in the air. From 2-3m above ground, you can really feel the touch of nature- fly above the magnificent Rompotamo River, the beautiful Black Sea sandy beaches, or the snow covered ski runs and moderately high Mountain peaks.

Where and when to fly?
We Para-fly in the region of Sopot, Shumen and Bourgas, and Power-fly – all over the country.


How to purchase a Gift Voucher and how much does it cost?

The price of our Gift Vouchers is 75 EUR. The Gift will be confirmed by a luxury Gift Certificate which is sent to you via courier. You can buy today and receive your Certificate tomorrow - this is how easy and quick everything is. Please note that there are no deliveries on Sundays. The price above is all inclusive and there a no additional charges to be paid. The name of the receiver can be pre-printed by us or you can hand write it yourself. If you have chosen the Power-flight, we can offer you a video filming to go with it, too. An excellent way to capture the unique experience and true adventure at the additional cost of 50 EUR.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and inquiries- we are here at your disposal and always happy to help.