Spa Packages in Five Stars "Strimon Spa Club"


New healing programs, and innovative programs... The programs has a duration of 5, 7 and 10 days

Medical programs in "Strimon Spa Club" hotel

Combined with the undisputed medicinal properties of the Kyustendil mineral water and applied with good and professional service in conjunction with a specially prepared diet plan and continuous control by our medical team, these programs have an exceptionally positive effect on human health and produce the desired results.

Description of the medicinal procedures:
Colon-hydrotherapy is a method for cleansing and rehabilitation of intestines. This is the most effective way of detailed and complete colon cleansing which effectively eliminates the accumulation of fecal waste and decaying matter on colon walls.
This method originates from the US but it has been used for years in the whole world. Function, delayed elimination of fecal waste and self-intoxication. The consequences of this process include loss of energy, tiredness, depression, frequent illnesses, headaches, infections, rheumatism, polyarthritis, hypertonia, skin problems, allergies and other disorders which today are mostly attributed to improper functioning of intestines.
The colon-hydrotherapy is conducted by a professional therapeutist who controls the individual condition of the patient. The modern equipment delivers preliminarily purified water under special pressure and with a certain temperature which allows penetration into difficult to reach areas of the colon. All consumables used in colon-hydrotherapy are disposable and comply with the high requirements for hygienic standards.
This procedure does not cause any discomfort, pain or spasm, it is pleasant and relaxing for the patients.

Aqua Detox
The human body continuously accumulates waste substances called toxins. These substances include heavy metals, particles of oxidized fats, decomposing proteins, uric and lactic acids, dead cells and various chemical substances absorbed through air, water and food. Being strongly acid, the toxins destroy tissues, prevent the normal functions of the organism which leads to bioenergy deterioration.
The toxic environment creates conditions for a rapid development of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi which cause many health problems. An ionic detoxicator is used to draw the toxins and microorganisms out of the human body. The patient soaks his feet in warm saltwater bath which contains an electrode generating a stream of both positive and negative ions (electrically charged particles). The ions enter our body through the pores on our feet which number over 2000.
After they have entered our body, the ions stimulate all metabolic and functional processes, improve oxygen exchange, alkalize the organism balancing its ph, and activate its immune system. Under the influence of ions, the body cells pass into an active state and begin disposing of all waste products which get into the intercellular space. Then, the toxins, dead cells and waste substances are drawn by the electric potential of ions, they leave the body through the pores on the feet and get into the water.
Aqua Detox is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, chronic tiredness, decreased sexual activity, smokers and alcohol consumers, people who suffer from stress, insomnia, tiredness, weakened immune system, people who work in noxious labor conditions (dust, chemicals, metals), women whose skin gets old fast.

Inhalations with haloinhalator
The haloinhalation therapy is an inhalatory curative treatment with dry finely dispersed aerosol of sodium chloride delivered via a breathing mask.

Fields of application:
Respiratory organs diseases (acute recurrent bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic nonobstructive and obstructive bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, mucoviscidosis, pollinosis, etc.)
Otolaryngological pathology (vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, adenoiditis, rhinosinusopathy, sinusitis, pharyngitis)
Preventive treatment
Respiratory allergosis;
This method is effective in complex rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation of patients with pulmonary diseases. The method has high effectiveness and safety confirmed by the studies of leading pulmonologists, physical therapeutists, pediatricians, in accordance with the standards of the evidentiary medicine.

Dry carbon dioxide bath

It considerably reduces cellulite, rejuvenates skin and prevents ageing!
It normalizes blood pressure!
It improves subdermal lymph drainage and venous insufficiency!
It relieves migraine and headaches, menstrual disorders and sexual dysfunctions!
It helps the general strengthening of the organism through its analgetic, anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic effects!

The dry carbon dioxide bath is a very effective preventive method which has a continuous positive effect on central nervous system, cardiovascular system; it improves blood and lymph circulation, normalizes blood pressure and helps mental relaxation. The dry carbon dioxide bath helps heart strengthening without increasing the frequency of heartbeat, it has a positive effect on muscles, energy exchange of the cells; it also removes toxic substances from them.
The dry carbon dioxide bath is a revolutionary new procedure in the Balkan Peninsula, provided for the first time in Bulgaria by Strimon Spa Club.

Eco-spa procedure for cleansing the skin of the entire body
This procedure includes entirely natural products and the unique mineral water from Kyustendil.
The procedure involves three phases – individual infrared sauna, fuller’s earth application and hydromassage mineral bath. The exceptional functions of the infrared capsule accelerate blood circulation, improve metabolism and overall shape of the body, rejuvenate the skin through elimination of toxins and excess fats, relax various muscular groups and remove tiredness.
The natural fuller’s earth is suitable for any type of skin and hair. It has an exceptional cleansing, moisturizing and mineralizing effect intensified by the usage of the capsule. Feel the revitalizing effect of the hydro-air massage with the mineral water from Kyustendil. It cleanses the skin and saturates it with oxygen; it removes the stress giving you the feeling of harmony with nature.

Cleansing of lymphatic system
The cleansing of lymphatic system is a 3-day procedure including a special nutrition regimen and training under doctor’s control.


The price include:

  • Nights with breakfasts
  • 20% discount of spa procedures in Spa Center Strimon
  • Roman bath with three mineral pools – Tepidarium, Frigidarium and Kaldarium
  • IR sauna and Finnish sauna
  • Swimming pool with kids section
  • Gym
  • Internet
  • Parking lot and park-garden
  • Vat and tourist tax
  • Travel insurance

The programs has a duration of 5, 7 and 10 days.