Struma River White Water Rafting


You do not need to have any previous experience to go rafting!

Try something different, thrilling and adventures – go white-water rafting – it is a rollercoaster of excitement! Once equipped and in the raft you will be off on an adventures trip down river – when approaching the first rapid you will start feeling the adrenalin pumping a feeling that will stay with you through the whole trip! The smile on your face when leaving the raft will stick with you for quite a while!
Bulgaria brings to you several exhilarating rivers that are best suited for water sports, especially during the early summer and spring seasons. One such river is the Struma River, which also flows into Greece. The river rises from the Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria and travels westwards before turning southward. Ultimately, the waterway heads off to enter Greece. After making its way to the Greek territory by flowing through the Kula village, the waterway finally concludes its journey by falling into the Aegean Sea. While the Struma River passes through Kresna Gorge, the watercourse transforms into the ideal water body for all rafters to set their foot on.

from May to September

Included in the price:

  • Full equipment (neoprene suit, bouncy aid, jacket, helmet and neoprene boots)
  • Instructor
  • Transport from final to start